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Call of Duty - United Offensive 1.0

United Offensive is an excellent expansion to the great Call of Duty
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United Offensive is an excellent expansion that takes the intensity of Call of Duty and includes many enhancements.
United Offensive presents a similar format to that found in Call of Duty. The player takes part of the game as three Allied soldiers--an American paratrooper, a British SAS commando, and a Soviet infantryman--who are trapped in the great fight against Nazi Germany.

Throughout most of the campaign, players participate in huge battles. Bastogne, represents the opening segment of the expansion, which may be played for six to ten hours, depending on how proficiently you're able to get past the tough parts, of which there are many.

After enjoying the single-player campaign, players can look forward to the impressive new multiplayer modes in United Offensive. There are 11 new, huge maps that easily dwarf the largest multiplayer levels from Call of Duty. United Offensive also introduces vehicles to the mix--mainly jeeps and tanks.

Other amazing features of this game are the graphics and sound effects -explosions and smoke effects are more than real enough and the excellent sound effects that were in Call of Duty are also back.

Mariano Delgado
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